What would be a cool name for these tag team duos?

John Cena and Randy Orton

RVD and Chris Jericho

Big Show and Christian

Maria and Eve Torres

Best answers = 10pts!


The Champ killers

Fight and Flight

Charisma and Power


These are of few of mine:

Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryder: Woo Woo Woah

Shelton and Goldust: Gold Rush

Reks and Masters: Reks and Pecs

Cody Rhodes and Slater: Dashing on Sla-ter


Top Draw

Higher & Higher

Peep Show

Les Be Friends


John cena and Randy Orton = ViperNation :P

RVD and chris jericho = Venom

Big Show and Christian = the Jackals

Maria and Eve torres = Poison Rose


Cena & Orton = Future is Now

RVD & Jericho = The Extreme Connection

Big Show & Christian = Showrisma

Maria & Torres = The Bimbos



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