Who's going to win the Royal Rumble?

NOT who you want, who you THINK will?

I'm not a John Cena hater like most, but I think he'll will win...

WWE is just too predictable these days. That said, I hope I'm wrong and someone surprises us, like CM Punk, Morrison or Sheamus


the celtic warrior sheamus im the only person ive seen sheamus give a handshake to he passed by me and shaked my hand becaus ei showed him respect this was on wrestlmania. ive like sheamus as my favoirt wrestler since fcw.


We haven't seen Undertaker in a while....


Triple H.


Sheamus will win


Chris Jericho


We might see return of this superstars.

Triple H, Christian, Y2J and Undertaker.

Winner could be.

Triple H or Christian.


You'll be wrong, WWE aint as predictable as people make out. I could always be wrong but I know something aint predictable if the ppv hasn't happened yet, its just fans believing their own predictions cos they see it happening in their heads.

I don't know who will win or any ideas, only who I want to win.


morrison winning will definately elevate him. On booker t wikipedia page a few days back it said hewon the 2011 royal rumble which made no sense. I do however think that he will show up in the rumble. HHH will return for sure.Christian is still injured to my knowledge. Y2J in a recent interview said he has norush gettn g back in the wwe and is enjoying being with his band and his family