Triple H Vs The Undertaker At Wrestlemania Who Will Win?

I think Triple H is the man to end the streak.


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Considering these two superstars have met once before at WrestleMania 17, I expect the Undertaker to win. Both of these guys are coming off serious injuries and need to get back into the ring so they can get some of the rust off. They have 41 days to get into the best wrestling shape possible and make a match that is going to go down in the history of wrestling as one of the greatest matches ever. Ultimately, the Undertaker is going to win just as he did at WrestleMania 17.



what makes you think takers losing


Don't be foolish.



Silly human wrestling is just a big play


WWE is rigged.


ummm Undertaker of course

The streak will never be broken


Triple H i can't wait, its gonna be great


is this a sex competition?