Most attractive male + female wrestlers + BQ? ?


kelly kelly or layla

BQ:why does 99% of the divas suck in the ring?


RANDY ORTON :) yummy or christian :) (1st wrestling crush was jericho back in the day lmao)

uh....idk? layla is the prettiest i think. but shes w/ cody so i hate her lol jp

BQ: b/c they dnt take divas division seriously. beth n nat r the best, most others are models in a ring. cant wait 4 awesome kong.


scott stanford


bq they cant suck if they are in wwe


EDGE and Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton

Oohh and CM Punk! :D


kelly kelly or eve torres =) for sure

triple h, cena, orton, ziggler, i dont know .......


Are you bi?I'm not answering your question on hottest men but hottest diva is Kelly Kelly HOLY **** IS SHE HOT!

BQ : Because they spend too much time getting mens boners up which I enjoy


dolph ziggler and kaitlyn

nuff said

BQ: cuz wwe creative are idiots..?

kelly kelly is mcmahon's favorite...she has no in-ring ability

eve diva's champ for the hundreth time..she is the mother of botches


John Cena

Torrie Wilson

BQ: Because now all divas are are eye candy. For ex: A playboy model just got offered a contract but she turned it down, she never wrestled in her life meanwhile some girls go to wrestling school and NEVER make it. WWE use to care about both, for ex. Trish Stratus, amazing mic skills, wrestling and beautiful now there all eye candy ex. Kelly Kelly. The only real girl wrestler I believe is good anymore is Michelle McCool and Beth Phonix though she's ugly in my opinion.