Do you feel John Cena went too far last night?

If you saw the first 15 minutes of Raw, then you saw what I saw and heard what I heard. Don't you think his speech crossed the line? Seriously, there are kids in the audience and watching this on tv


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Not really, that was actually pretty tame to what he used to say.


You do know that all the fighting and speeches are scripted right?


yep..he will pay for it

the rock says you will pay for it :)


this coming from the same group of people who want the Attitude Era back? Well, that's what the attitude era was.


U act like it offended someone

Kids hear this stuff all the time nothing new with that


Kids wouldn't understand. But he ain't the one that went overboard, Michael Cole is. He mentioned Jerry's mom and mocked both saying he was a failure to her


are you serious? i guess you want wwe to stay pg foreva.


Winnie (the HBK lovebear)



lol. I lol'd at this question.

Oh goodness.

I'm like a pin wheel go ahead and blow my non existing penis. If you have a Kid I feel sorry for him, sorry that you have no sense of humor.

edit: I knew what all that meant when I was 8. o_o