Would you like to see alberto del rio vs rey mysterio vs sin cara?

+BQ pick a winner


why no chavo? you can't have a match like that without a Guerrero

either way that would be a good match to see but who wins depends

backstage politics, mysterio to keep him happy... esp. with him wanting his release recently

main event push, Alberto Del Rio (he should already be world champ)

to start a fued with either of the 2... Sin Cera

but just for a match, i'll say del rio, by cross arm breaker on mysterio after avoiding a diving cross body to the outside from sin cera


Yes. Rey is my pick as winner.


thats racist, there all mexican

i pick Del Rio, but you already knew that ;)


I sure would!! alberto del rio is awesome.I wounder who will win,but i think alberto del rio will win by submission.


Alberto will win but he has an awful ATTITUDE but y am i tellin everyone this because you already know that ;)