Do you know any of WWE wrestlers?

Who hate each other in real life?


matt and jeff hardy don't like cm punk

randy orton and john cena don't like ken anderson aka mr. kennedy

batista and booker t don't get along

ric flair and bret hart don't get along

ric flair and scott steiner don't get along

scott steiner doesn't like triple h

shane helms don't like shawn michaels


I hear that CM Punk really hates John Cena in real life.


I'm not too sure though but I know not too many people don't like hhh.


Everyone should hate Cena


Bret Hart and HBK have had their RL issues. Also Hurricane and HBK. And Y2J and HBK.


Triple H doesn't really like Punk nor Y2J

Orton hates Mr. Kennedy Anderson and I think the Miz too :P

Maryse doesn't really like Michelle Cool

Micheal Cole and Jerry King Lawler don't like Matt Striker


CM Punk and Jeff Hardy doesn't like each other in real life...


Triple H hates Randy Orton in real life or they have issues rather, this is why during their feud in 09 he would break character also even though he's not in WWE anymore Matt Hardy really hates Edge as they were friends and the whole Lita cheating on Matt with Edge was a real incident, I don't think any others hate each other or have issues