What are your top wwe match types?

I just wanna ask what your top wwe match types are, they could be even from wwf that are never used in wwe.

These are my top 15:

15. Elimination chamber match E.g. ( goldberg vs hhh vs Y2J vs Kevin nash vs HBK vs randy orton)

14. Inferno match E.g. (kane vs undertaker 1999)

13.Tables, Ladders and chairs match E.g. (Edge & Christian vs the hardys vs dudley boys wm 17)

12. No disqualification match E.g. ( The rock vs stone cold wm 17)

11. Empty arena match E.g. (Mankind vs The rock 1999)

10. Falls count anywhere E.g. (jeff hardy vs umaga 2008)

9. Buried alive match E.g. (Undertaker & Big show vs The rock & Mankind)

8. Extreme rules match E.g. ( Jeff hardy vs matt hardy wm 25)

7. Last Man standing match E.g. ( John cena vs batista 2010)

6. First Blood match E.g. (john cena vs JBL 2008)

5. I quit match E.g. (john cena vs JBL 2005)

4. Street fight E.g. (Edge vs HBK)

3. Boiler Room brawl E.g. ( Big show vs Mick foley)

2. Hell in a cell E.g. ( Undertaker vs Edge 2008)

1. Hardcore match E.g. ( Edge vs mick foley wm 22)

Anyway these Example matches in brackets next to the match type are only examples of the type of match but not the reason why Ive choosen them in this order. For example The rock vs stone cold no DQ was better than the wm 25 match with jeff hardy and matt hardy, but I still made the extreme rules match better than the no DQ match even though the DQ match with the rock and stone cold was better, because these are only exampple matches of each match type.

But anyways tell me what your top 10, top 15, top 20... match types are in the wwe or wwf.


My favorite WWE match types are:

1) pure wrestling matches

2) ladder matches

3) tag team elimination

4) battle royal

5) submission

6) iron man

7) I quit

8) casket match

9) hell in a cell

10) lion's den


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That Gets My Vote


mine wud have to be...

1. street fight

2. hell in a cell

3. buried alive match

4. extreme rules match

5. inferno match


Hell in a Cell, Last Man Standing, Elimination Chamber, Street Fights and Backyard Brawls. Oh and Stretcher matches and TLC matches


(not in any particular order) Tables, TLC, ladder, hardcore championship, no DQ, falls count anywhere, cage, elimination chamber, no-gimmick tag team match