What was the last pay-per view you bought?

For me

WWE: WrestleMania

TNA: Slamiversery


WWE: WrestleMania 27

TNA: Lockdown


Capital Punishment........What a Disappointment


WWE: Over The Limit

TNA: Victory Road (I should have never bought that crappy PPV)


WWE: WrestleMania 19

TNA: I'm a Fan but haven't purchased one yet


check out this weeks wrestling rumors:…


WWE: WrestleMania (from 2010)

TNA: Lockdown (from 2011)


The last one I BOUGHT? I don't even remember. The last one I attended was Capitol Punishment.



However, this upcoming Money In the Bank--I would buy this event 4 times if I had to in order to see it. I wouldn't miss this event for the world. C'mon CM Punk!