What are your opinions on The World's Greatest Tag Team?

I heard they are really good, but never really seen them in action. I also heard that WWE dropped the ball with them.

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I agree with MyX. Haas really has no solo career going for him, and yes, WWE totally bombed these two. They are a very good tag-team in Ring of Honor. They are champions in a independent promotion.

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They were really good, and yes they did drop the ball with them. Especially with Shelton Benjimen.


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They are good but very underrated. I heard TNA wants to sign them. You can check them out on youtube.


They are ok but they sure ain't the greatest ive seen better.They are future hall of famers,but i still wouldn't say they are the greatest.WWE didn't drop the ball with them.Not everyone can get a push at the same time.Maybe if Shelton would have stuck around longer maybe he would have gotten another push.This guy has won every single championship in WWE except the WHC and WWE championshop.How many mid carders today can say they beat Triple H early in their career?That was one of the biggest push shelton has ever gotten and for haas.He has no future without Shelton