What went wrong in the tag division?

The used to be so many great tag teams, know we have a silly italian, and big russian bruiser aliening forces.


Yeah the guy above me, with the throwing guys together is correct. But they released a lot of their talent. So many tag-teams, were laid waste to releases.


WWE got lazy and started throwing together random people and calling them tag-teams.


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If you look back at some of the greatest tag teams in WWE history, how many of them did not end with a feud between the wrestlers?

Edge and Christian ended in a feud. Road Warriors, Hardyz, Smoking Gunns, New Age Outlaws, and more recently Cryme Tyme and the Hart Dynasty. The problem with this is that when a tag team succeeds, any fan that has paid attention will know that they're going to break up and feud sooner or later. When this happens, usually one becomes a star while the other one fades away. This is a shame, and it shows how little the WWE actually values tag teams.

Unfortunately this is not new.


The WWE and Vince McMahon did what they do best and that's looking out for themselves. The current Tag division in the WWE is horrible, probably the worst shape it's ever been in. There are no traditional type tag teams left except for The Usos, who are the most underrated Tag Team there is on the roster. They are also really disrespecting Tag Team wrestling as a whole just by throwing together random Tag Teams such as David Otunga & Michael McGuilicutty, Vladimir Kozlov and Santino, Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes. Basically forming two singles wrestlers into a Tag Team, that have no chemistry together whatsoever and then having them break apart a few months after.