How many world title changes should there be per year?

Its getting silly now. Unless Its Cena they never let a guy have the belt for more than 2 months tops.


As many as there needs to be.

By that, I mean they shouldn't limit themselves to a set number to go by, but instead, they should just go with what feels natural. If the fans aren't responding to someone as a champion, they shouldn't stick to them just for the hell of it, they should have them drop it - but at the same time, they shouldn't force title changes just to try to get a response from the crowd.

On average, I'd say that since they have two world titles (making it more frequent that you can change your champions), the average title reign should last about 3-4 months. You could have someone do a shorter 2-month reign, then follow it up with someone doing a 6 month reign, though. Keeping it on someone for a full year is usually a bad idea and makes people get bored of the repetition, but hot-shotting it between people just devalues it and gives you no time to invest in any of the feuds.


@ smoke weed with cm punk ..then you're fake too, i think for 4 month ,doplh ziggler usa champ,. 4month now


None because wrestling is fake


Its true but would you want to see the same old boring person with the title for years


2 or 3 for each title.


I think there should be 3-4 per year the mnimum being 3 months and the longest being 7




Not many. A champion is supposed to be dominant. He has to be very skilled to be viewed as a champ and not many should be able to beat him.

It's ridiculous how it switches so quickly. I agree.